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Welcome to America's innovation engine. This is where creative entrepreneurs and a diverse network of Connectors come together to accelerate world-changing ideas.

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Whether you are an innovator seeking to solve a challenge, or a connector seeking to provide support, the information in your profile determines the matches you receive. Add as many relevant details as possible to improve the quality of your suggestions.

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About the American-Made Network

The United States has a bold vision for a thriving clean energy future. The American-Made Network is fueling progress and supporting global business to make it happen.

This is where innovators contribute game-changing ideas, specialized skills, and expertise to solve our most pressing clean energy challenges. It's where national laboratories, industry experts, and fabrication and manufacturing facilities engage, mentor, and propel progress. By forging and strengthening vital connections, the American-Made Network transforms ideas into real-world products faster than ever before.

Join the revolution today. Let's ignite, inspire, connect, build, and deploy the next generation of clean energy technologies and businesses.

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The Exact Resources To Thrive

The American-Made Network is fueling America’s innovation engine. Members of public and private sectors provide mentoring, tools, resources, and support to accelerate the transition of ideas into real-world solutions for environmental justice and economic renewal. All Connectors are incentivized to help competitors succeed.

American-Made Network members fall into one of two main categories: Connectors and Power Connectors.

Connectors make up the majority of the American-Made Network. They are professionals from national laboratories, accelerators, incubators, universities, facilities, and industry who support competitors through the development and launch process. They recruit entrepreneurs to participate in the American-Made Challenges and provide the support, resources, and necessary connections participants need to succeed in the competition.

Power Connectors are a select group of organizations contracted to help with specific tasks for specific prizes. They partner with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to envision and execute a sustainable growth strategy for the American-Made Challenges program and help teams achieve project success. Tactically, Power Connectors recruit for prizes, build lasting alliances, host demo days, and aid in submitting solutions.