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We are on a mission to accelerate the development of the solutions we need to address climate change. We've demonstrated that we can accelerate the development of next-generation solar and nuclear through our work with Sunpower / Maxeon and Kairos Power. We also have active projects going to accelerate the innovations we need in hydrogen, next-generation energy storage and wind power. We do that by adapting Agile principles to physical product development to help development teams learn faster, demonstrate feasibility faster and scale up faster. The Rapid Learning Cycles framework is core to this work: helping teams scope and sequence their experiments, prototype builds, customer interviews, etc. to build the knowledge they need to make good decisions that stick. When teams do this, they hit technical milestones with greater confidence, they reduce the risk of failure late in development, and they ultimately get the right solution to the market faster.

Key Technical Support

These are the rankings of the specific industries, technologies, etc. that Rapid Learning Cycles Institute supports

Hardware Development
We are capable of Hardware Development
Product Development
We are capable of Product Development
Product Design
We are capable of Product Design
Science, Research and Development
We are capable of Science, Research and Development
Competition Support & Pitch Prep
I'm available to help teams refine their investigation plans so that they can demonstrate that they are more likely to make the best use of the prize money to accelerate development of the technology.
Mentorship & Knowledge Sharing
I'm available to help teams make the most of the time/money they have to accelerate development, by assisting them with establishing a good Agile process for physical product development that fits them. Small, very early stage teams don't need a heavyweight process, but they'll go faster if they have strong alignment around the product vision, and a simple, flexible process for ensuring that the team is working on the right things at the right time so they don't accidentally get stuck spinning their wheels on the wrong things.
Supports challenges in the Ideation phase.
Supports challenges in the Concepting phase.
Supports challenges in the Commitment phase.
Supports challenges in the Validation phase.
Supports challenges in the Scaling phase.
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