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RDH is a multidisciplinary engineering and architecture firm. For over 20 years, RDH has continued to lead change in making buildings better through the integration of science, design, and construction expertise. Learn more about RDH and what we can do for industry at www.rdh.com/about

Key Technical Support

These are the rankings of the specific industries, technologies, etc. that RDH Building Science supports

Business Development & Commercialization
We are capable of Business Development & Commercialization
We are capable of Strategy
Software Development
We are capable of Software Development
Hardware Development
We are capable of Hardware Development
Product Development
We are capable of Product Development
Product Design
We are capable of Product Design
We are capable of Manufacturing
Fabrication & Prototyping
We are capable of Fabrication & Prototyping
We are capable of Robotics
Technical Analysis
We are capable of Technical Analysis
Procurement of Raw Materials
We are capable of Procurement of Raw Materials
Science, Research and Development
We are capable of Science, Research and Development
Legal, Insurance, and Public Policy
We are capable of Legal, Insurance, and Public Policy
Funding & Investments
We are capable of Funding & Investments
Marketing & Promotion
We are capable of Marketing & Promotion
Testing and Validation
We are capable of Testing and Validation
Competition Support & Pitch Prep
We support teams with technical analysis and guidance that can support these efforts.
Connection to Extended Network
With 9 offices throughout the US and Canada, and clients including some leading market innovators in the industrialized construction sector, RDH can provide additional connections to industry experts and connectors.
Lab & Facility Access
RDH has a an advanced ICC Accredited material testing lab in Waterloo, ON. This includes capabilities to assess and develop materials, systems, and assemblies for hygrothermal, structural, and other performance related characteristics.
Mentorship & Knowledge Sharing
RDH regularly publishes guidance and deploys learning opportunities to our industry. RDH's team includes some of the industries most recognized knowledge resources and experts whose knowledge we share regularly with industry through published guidance documents and teaching opportunities.
Supports challenges in the Ideation phase.
Supports challenges in the Concepting phase.
Supports challenges in the Validation phase.
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