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BLUE Incubator (at Blue Institute Labs)

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  • Sensing, Communication, & Data
  • Power Cycle - Brayton
  • Photovoltaics (PV)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Incubator/Accelerator
  • Solar + Energy Storage
  • Other
  • Grid Integration and Modeling
  • System Models
  • Batteries and Storage
  • Microgrid
  • Controls and Optimization
  • Water

BLUE Incubator is located at the BLUE Institute Labs, a public benefit corporation focused on clean water, climate resiliency, and healthy and secure oceans. Our specialty is BlueTech, ClimateTech, and Blue Economy. We are very interested in the water/energy nexus, particularly recognizing the importance of water and the oceans for climate resiliency. During covid we are running a virtual incubator and building out the an open innovation waterfront center on Boston Harbor and will have shared labs, workspace, and a unique gated, salt water testing and training area.

Key Technical Support

These are the rankings of the specific industries, technologies, etc. that BLUE Incubator (at Blue Institute Labs) supports

Hardware Development
We are capable of Hardware Development
We are capable of Manufacturing
Fabrication & Prototyping
We are capable of Fabrication & Prototyping
We are capable of Robotics
Utility Scale
We are capable of Utility Scale
Science, Research and Development
We are capable of Science, Research and Development
Testing and Validation
We are capable of Testing and Validation
Product Development
We are capable of Product Development
Business Development & Commercialization
We are capable of Business Development & Commercialization
We are capable of Strategy
Legal, Insurance, and Public Policy
We are capable of Legal, Insurance, and Public Policy
Funding & Investments
We are capable of Funding & Investments
Marketing & Promotion
We are capable of Marketing & Promotion
Product Design
We are capable of Product Design
Competition Support & Pitch Prep
A decade of experience coaching startups through competitions and pitches.
Connection to Extended Network
15k+ cleantech/ BlueTech and sustainability network on LinkedIn.
Lab & Facility Access
In Spring 2022
Mentorship & Knowledge Sharing
Drinking water and wastewater systems, BlueTech, solar/storage/micro grids
Supports challenges in the Ideation phase.
Supports challenges in the Concepting phase.
Supports challenges in the Commitment phase.
Supports challenges in the Validation phase.
Supports challenges in the Scaling phase.
Supports challenges in the Establishing phase.
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1 Winnisimmet St
BLUE Incubator (at Blue Institute Labs)

1 Winnisimmet Street

Chelsea, MA 02150