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Windings, Inc.

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For more than 50 years, Windings has provided engineered electromagnetic solutions for criticalapplications across a wide variety of industries. As a full-service provider, Windings is a leader inthe engineering, optimization and manufacturing of custom electric motors, generators and relatedcomponents including rotors, stators, lamination stacks and insulation systems.

Key Technical Support

These are the rankings of the specific industries, technologies, etc. that Windings, Inc. supports

Business Development & Commercialization
We are capable of Business Development & Commercialization
Hardware Development
We are capable of Hardware Development
Product Development
We are capable of Product Development
Product Design
We are capable of Product Design
We are capable of Manufacturing
Fabrication & Prototyping
We are capable of Fabrication & Prototyping
We are capable of Robotics
Technical Analysis
We are capable of Technical Analysis
Procurement of Raw Materials
We are capable of Procurement of Raw Materials
Competition Support & Pitch Prep
We offer our support for Competition Support & Pitch Prep
Connection to Extended Network
We offer our support for Connection to Extended Network
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Windings, Inc.

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